The 12 Demonic Strongmen.


On Voice In The Wilderness, in 2014, Michael Cummins gave brief teachings on the 12 strongmen and also prayed for those affected by these.

Here is a summary of the whole teaching.

Luke 10:19

Luke 10:19

The 12 Demonic Strongmen.

Jesus teaches us in the Gospel of Mark 3 v 23-27 that we have to bind the strongman. So in prayers of Spiritual Warfare we have to bind the strongman, because it is the strongmen who are satan’s generals. The strongmen control the demons who create havoc in Believers’ lives.

We will expose today 12 demonic strongmen and all the demons under their authority and control. We have included a Scripture from God’s own word which exposes each strongman.

1. Psalm 37 v 1 The spirit of Jealousy :

Controlling the spirits of envy, hate, bitterness, unforgiveness, vengefulness, anger, violence, rage and murder


2. Proverbs 12 v 22 The Lying spirit :

Controlling the spirits of deception, exaggeration, falsehood, guile, false doctrine, false religions and craftiness.


3. Leviticus 19 v 31 Familiar spirit :

Controlling the spirits of Witchcraft, Obhia, Juju, Satanism, Divination, witches, diviners, soothsayers, Clairvoyants, Mediums, spells, curses, hexess, potions, lotions, powders, dusts, chants, incantations, sacrifices, offerings, covenants, vows and all Occult practises.


4. Ephesians 5 v 5 Spirit of Perversion :

Controlling the spirits of sexual immorality of any type, fornication, lust, adultery, pornography, prostitution and any sexual practise forbidden by the Word of God.


5. Isaiah 61 v 3 Spirit of Heaviness :

Controlling the spirits of depression, despair, oppression, hopelessness, fatigue, exhaustion, paranoia and all mental illness.


6. Hosea 4 v 2 Harlotry

Controlling all spirits that compete with God, ambition in the workplace if used to put down others, good looks and beauty including cosmetic surgery, the love of money, material possessions, and corruption.


7. Acts 8 v 7 Spirit of Infirmity

Controlling the spirits of sickness, suffering, all diseases, ailments, disability, pain and terminal illness leading to death.


8. Mark 9 v 25 Deaf and Dumb spirit

Controlling the spirits of Epilepsy, all fits, convulsions, speech loss, stuttering, deafness and dumbness.


9. 2 Timothy 1 v 7 Spirit of Fear :

Controlling the spirits of anxiety, phobias, compulsive behaviour patterns, insomnia, terror, anguish, nightmares and all fears.


10. Proverbs 16 v 18 -19 Spirit of Pride :

Controlling the spirits of haughtiness, brashness, arrogance, self righteousness, refusal to listen and all aspects of the Jezebel spirit.


11. John 8 v 34 Spirit of Bondage :

Controlling the spirits of domination, control, manipulation, addiction of any kind, OCD, all forms of cult and religious mind control, personal control and bullying in relationships and a corrupted core belief system.


12. 1 John 4 v 3 Spirit of Anti-Christ :

Controlling the spirits of every cult, creed or religion that rejects Jesus as Lord and Saviour and rejects the Holy Trinity and offers false doctrines that oppose the Word of God and comes under the direct authority of satan.

Article by Pastor Michael Cummins.


With Laura at Revelation TV

With Laura at Revelation TV

We will be praying for you. Please join with us on Thursday night at midnight and pray for the viewers, for their complete healing and freedom in Christ. God bless you.

You may want to pray along with the video Laura filmed, in Scotland, of Michael praying for your deliverance, from various issues. Please click on this LINK.

Remember, if you want further prayer for any of the above problems, please watch Michael on Thursday at midnight.

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