Laura Maxwell’s new program on Eternal Radio online.

Dear friends,

I’d like to share details of ‘The Supernatural with Laura Maxwell,’ on Eternal Radio.


Laura on radio

It’s a new program my friend Laura was asked to host. Its starts this Friday night, and is repeated this Saturday night.

Full details are below.

Laura will have the honour of interviewing international Christian guests, who are former Mediums, former New Agers and former Occultists.

They will share their conversion testimonies. And she’ll also interview those who teach on the dangers of New Age, the Occult,etc. I look forward to being one of her guests, sometime in early 2015. All glory to God.

Please share this article with friends, or anyone you know who is involved in the Occult, etc.

“The debut program will feature an interview with author Kristine McGuire. Disillusioned by a controlling legalistic church, she became attracted to Ghost Hunting, Witchcraft and Mediumship.

Since returning to Christ, she has featured on the 700 Club TV program on CBN. She has spoken on numerous radio interviews and is a prolific blogger. She contributed to publications such as Charisma magazine. She also wrote two books. Kristine and Laura contributed chapters to Jeff Harshbarger’s (Ex Satanist), book Dancing With The Devil.”

breaking chains

Pastors Stephen and Valma Merrick pioneered this station from their church in Birmingham, England, in 2009. It has listeners in 60 countries, with a potential that is far greater and it already reaches people in countries where it is difficult, or dangerous to evangelise.

‘The Supernatural with Laura Maxwell’, will start this Friday, 12th December 2014. A fortnightly program, from 9-10pm, London Time, repeated the next night, Saturday 13th from 7-8pm.

For listeners in the USA,  from 4-5PM EST on Friday December 12th, or the repeat at 2-3PM EST on Saturday 13th.

You can listen to it on the below link. To listen on the go, visit on your mobile device. You can download this app’ to listen anytime, anywhere!

Or you can hear Eternal Radio on

For full details of the show, please see an article on Laura’s blog.

Many thanks and God bless you all!

Psalm 96:3 (NLT) ‘Publish his glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things He does.’


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1 Response to Laura Maxwell’s new program on Eternal Radio online.

  1. Many thanks Michael, for sharing details of my new radio program. I look forward to when you will be one of the guests on the show. God bless you. Love Laura.


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