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John 10:10 records that Jesus said, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

Michael on Simply The Truth, Revelation TV.

Michael on Simply The Truth, Revelation TV.

Christ Sets You Free is the ministry resource blog of Pastor Michael Cummins, who lives in London.

This blog is maintained by Laura Maxwell, on Michael’s behalf.

The Lord Jesus has graciously used him in the healing and deliverance ministry across the UK, since 1996.

This ministry has helped many gain freedom from health problems, New Age, witchcraft, the Occult, generational curses and so on.

I can personally vouch for Michael’s ministry. He is a man of integrity and humility and I have referred countless people worldwide to Michael for help over the years!

Michael has a passion for seeing dear souls get set free in Jesus Mighty name. He also cleanses demonised homes in Jesus Name too.  As it’s written in John 8:36,  “Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.”

Does your home have evil spirits in it? Are you tormented by such phenomena? Michael can cast them out, in Jesus name, by praying over Skype for you.


Michael with Doug Harris.

Michael with Doug Harris.

Since 2008, he has been very honoured to be a guest on Revelation TV in London, on programs hosted by Doug Harris.

Michael was also honoured to host his own live programs on Revelation TV, from London. The shows ‘Voice In The Wilderness,’ and ‘Grace and Favour’ had phone-in calls from viewers.

You can watch some previous episodes of Michael’s programs on this Revelation TV LINK.

They were broadcast on Revelation TV, a multi-award winning Christian television channel which broadcasts across the UK, Europe and Worldwide on Sky 581 ; Freesat 692 ; FreeView HD 241; Amazon Kindle Fire TV and Roku Box in USA.


Eternal Radio

Eternal Radio

Michael  was then very honoured to become a new host on Eternal Radio. Michael’s debut episode of Food for Thought began 9th September 2015.

Food for Thought airs every Tuesday at 8pm GMT or 3pm CST. The repeat airs on Wednesday at 9:15pm GMT or 4:15pm CST.

For full details of that radio show, please see this link.


Michael has since retired from those TV and radio shows and is now in full time deliverance ministry. He is very grateful to all at Revelation TV and Eternal Radio for his time there and to the Lord Jesus for transforming lives of the audiences.


What’s the purpose of this site? For those who seek help in being set free, healed and made whole in Christ, this site aims to offer some advice, prayer, Michael’s teachings, his new videos and so on.

Rejoicing in Christ's Freedom

Rejoicing in Christ’s Freedom

If you need help, can you please firstly watch some of his TV interviews about deliverance on the Revelation TV link in the top menu.

There are more of Michael’s videos on my YouTube channel.

You can also watch the videos on Deliverance  that Michael and I filmed together in Scotland.

Many have been set free just by watching these videos alone.

Healing and Deliverance events in the UK organised by Michael will also be advertised here. He considers it a blessing to serve in these ways.


Michael can be contacted to prayerfully consider requests to perhaps preach and minister in your church or venue in the UK.

All the ministry Michael does, whether on TV or in public, is entirely voluntary. He gives of his time freely.  This site and particularly the videos and FAQ section (coming soon)  have been created due to the large response from people who contact Michael and the amount of time it takes for Michael to reply.

Revelation TV

Revelation TV

If, after watching the relevant videos and reading the FAQ sections, you still have questions or prayer needs,  then please contact him.


Michael lives in Chessington, England. To contact him, please email PastorCummins123@outlook.com

Or phone his landline on 0208 397 0843

Or his mobile/cell phone on 07469 235 351

Many thanks indeed for visiting today! Hopefully, you find it helpful and will return soon.

God bless you, Laura Maxwell, on behalf of Michael.


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  2. Vicky wrobel says:

    Dear Michael,
    I feel there has been a dark presence following my family, it’s been putting my mother and husband into depression and trying to get to me as well. I feel it has been following us for about 7 years from when I was teenager and dabbing into occult crowd. The past couple years couple years I’ve been changing my way to the catholic faith and that’s when all of my families trouble has started. It there any way I can remove this evil presence? I’ve tried having my husband grandparents into helping me pray but it hasn’t really worked. Please help!
    Thank you for reading,


    • Dear Vicky, sorry for the delay in responding to you. I will tell Michael, that he has a message from you. I check his blog for him every now and then. Many thanks for getting in touch. Please go to his contact page, and email him. He will probably ask you to phone him. God Bless you, Laura Maxwell.


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