2 Deliverance

Dealing with The Past – Healing and Deliverance.

Please watch videos of previous TV programs, from the below Playlist. More will be uploaded soon.

These are suggested relevant viewing, if you are seeking Christ’s freedom from problems, such as health issues, occultic oppression and so on.

YouTube Video Series Coming Soon!

New videos were produced for this blog in Glasgow, Scotland, July 2013.

In this specially commissioned video series, Michael Cummins was interviewed by friend and ministry colleague Laura Maxwell.

In this first interview, Michael explained the topic of deliverance, from his experience involved in the deliverance ministry. The Lord Jesus has graciously used him in the healing and deliverance ministry across the UK, since 1996.

Please see parts one and two below.

Part Two.

In the second program below, Michael also prayed for you. These prayers  cover specific issues, such as salvation and healing. He also prayed deliverance prayers, eg, freedom from the New Age, Occult, VooDoo, curses, etc.

In the last program we filmed,  Michael shares his own salvation conversion testimony.

Please also refer to his teaching on The 12 Demonic Strongmen.

It’s highly recommended that you watch these videos first, before you actually consider emailing Michael.

Jesus triumphed over all on the cross

Jesus triumphed over all on the cross

As you will probably hear information you’re seeking, or be set free during the prayers on these videos alone!

This would save time and help you gain freedom quicker, as you wouldn’t have to wait for Michael’s email reply, as he receives very large amount of emails from around the world.

We pray you gain total freedom in Christ. All for His glory, honour and praise.

Thanks very much, God bless you.

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