The Testimony of Pastor Michael Cummins.

The personal testimony of Pastor Michael Cummins, Deliverance Minister.

In this video, Michael shares about his early life and how he came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour.

Filmed in Glasgow, Scotland, July 2013.

Thank you for watching and God bless you!

About Michael Cummins

Michael's honoured to host a live program on Revelation TV, ‘Voice In The Wilderness,’ Thursday nights at midnight, until 2am Friday mornings. Live web stream online - Michael's Blog :
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4 Responses to The Testimony of Pastor Michael Cummins.

  1. Priscilla Speicher says:

    I praise God for you and your ministry, Michael! I am filled with peace as you have such Confidence in Jesus. God Bless you and yours , always. In Christ. Priscilla Speicher


  2. Dear Priscilla, thanks so much for commenting. I help Michael to run his website, so I will tell him you left a message. God bless you sister. Laura.


  3. victor cox says:

    Hi Laura,

    Please pass my details to Michael, i would really like the opportunity to meet him, I had an experience two years ago which I believe I was “Born Again”, I see the world differently now, I was sectioned in a mental institution for about eight weeks as I believe that I was demonicly attacked (I was made to see things in peoples faces, which caused me to erupt violently and smash things, I will go into more detail if I have the opportunity of a face to face and Michael will be able to make sense of what happened to me).

    I have given myself to Jesus and I am doing my best to turn away from sin, I do not have the confidence to tell all friends and family that I am Born Again as they all think that I am crazy, of course they would I was committed Acute Psychosis, I flipped out because I was in total FEAR.

    Anyhow my story is too long to write down here, I feel that I have rattled on already.

    God Bless.



    • Luke says:

      Hi friend my name is luke i have such a similar experience, i was taken against my own will ect, my morher was so worried however i believe the evil mocking spirit ect may have decieved others aswell as my mother that what is happening is real, keep paying friend i was made out to be crazy ect but i shall stand my ground and live in the truth because i believe so the truth will set you free, much love dear friend, if it helps i remember a saying that jesus has come for the lost ect broken hearted never lose hope brother
      Love luke R


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