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Michael on Revelation TV

Michael on Revelation TV

If you are seeking ministry, firstly, please watch relevant videos from the video Playlist, found under the Deliverance & Revelation TV links on the top menu.

It’s highly recommended that you watch these videos first, before you consider emailing Michael. As you could be set free by watching these videos alone.

All the ministry Michael does, whether on TV or in public, is entirely voluntary. He gives of his time freely.  
This site and particularly the videos and FAQ section (coming soon) have been created due to the large response from people who contact Michael and the amount of time it takes for Michael to reply.

Michael Cummins can be contacted to prayerfully consider requests to perhaps preach or minister in your church or venue in the UK.

If, after watching the relevant videos and reading the FAQ sections, you still have questions or prayer needs, then please contact him. He offers to pray for you.

You can also possibly arrange an appointment for Michael to visit you in the UK, to cleanse a demonised home in Jesus Name too.

* * * * *

Michael lives in Chessington, England. To contact him, please email PastorCummins123@outlook.com

Or phone his landline on 0208 397 0843

Or his mobile/cell phone on 07469 235 351

Many thanks indeed for visiting today! Hopefully, you find it helpful and will return soon. God bless you, Laura Maxwell, on behalf of Michael Cummins.

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