Deliverance Now Available: Kilburn Christian Fellowship, London with Michael Cummins.

Christ Sets You Free

Deliverance by appointment at the Church or phone Pastor Michael on his UK cell phone at 07469235351.

Pastor Michael Cummins just came out of semi-retirement to pastor this church as it was in need of a pastor. Michael is still involved in daily deliverance sessions and can be contacted as before.


Kilburn Christian Fellowship
2 Aldershot Road
Kilburn, London, England, NW6 7LG.

Sundays 11am-12.

Deliverance by appointment at the Church, or ring Pastor Michael directly on his UK cell phone 07469235351 or email him at

Michael can also minister deliverance to you via Skype.

Rejoicing in Christ’s Freedom.


Laura Maxwell writes, ”Pastor Michael Cummins is a ministry colleague and friend of mine, so I can personally highly recommend him, whether you are seeking the Lord for general healing, emotional/physical healing, or actual spiritual deliverance. Since 2009, I have referred people worldwide to him for deliverance ministry. The Lord Jesus has set people free powerfully, praise His Name.”


Laura Maxwell uploaded some of Pastor Michael’s programs to her YouTube channel and blog years ago, with kind permission from (the late) Doug Harris and Michael. See link: Michael’s TV Interviews.

Also, please see the below links to interviews Laura did with Michael on Revelation TV and at her home in Scotland, on topics such as Deliverance (AKA Exorcism) and also the video where he prays for your deliverance: Laura & Michael-Deliverance Prayers.


A few articles from Michael’s blog:

1. Dealing with The Past – Healing and Deliverance:


2. Michael’s Testimony – The powerful testimony of Pastor Michael Cummins, Deliverance Minister:

Many thanks indeed for visiting Michael’s blog today! We trust you find it helpful and will return soon.

God bless you, Laura Maxwell, on behalf of Pastor Michael Cummins.

DETAILS Correct As Of January 2019.



Michael Cummins Blog:

Laura Maxwell‘s Blog:

Luciferianism – Laura Maxwell, Michael Cummins and Doug Harris. 2012


About Michael Cummins

Michael's honoured to host a live program on Revelation TV, ‘Voice In The Wilderness,’ Thursday nights at midnight, until 2am Friday mornings. Live web stream online - Michael's Blog :
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