Michael Cummins hosts Food for Thought – Eternal Radio.

Michael at Revelation TV.

Michael at Revelation TV.

Exciting news! Michael’s 2nd episode of his new show Food for Thought airs tonight, Wednesday 16th Sept., at 9:15pm GMT or 4:15pm CST. Hear it on Eternal Radio.

Food for Thought will air every Tuesday at 8pm GMT or 3pm CST. The repeat will air on Wednesday at 9:15pm GMT or 4:15pm CST.

Tonight Michael will teach on the reality of satan, from the Bible. Is the devil real? Who is the devil? Where did the devil come from? What are his plans? How do we overcome him?

Next week Michael will teach on the rapture.

Please listen on the below link, at those times http://tunein.com/radio/Eternal-Radio-s155805/

Every week, at the end of the show, he will pray for you, whatever your healing needs are.



Or perhaps your home has demonic spirits in it? Michael is a deliverance minister and has 20 years experience of casting demons out, breaking curses, etc, in the wonderful name and power of Jesus.

Are you seeking Jesus for healing? God's plan

Whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, Jesus can heal you. Jesus loves you so much and He wants you to be healed, body, soul and mind.

Please listen tonight!

If you want Michael to pray for you on next week’s show, please email him on framecummins123@aol.com

Many thanks and God bless you, Laura Maxwell.

Food For Thought with Michael Cummins on Eternal Radio. Food For Thought with Michael Cummins on Eternal Radio.

About Michael Cummins

Michael's honoured to host a live program on Revelation TV, ‘Voice In The Wilderness,’ Thursday nights at midnight, until 2am Friday mornings. Live web stream online - http://www.revelationtv.com/watch_now Michael's Blog : https://christsetsyoufree.wordpress.com/about/
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