Welcome to ‘Christ Sets You Free.’

Christ Sets You Free

Christ Sets You Free


John 10:10 records Jesus said, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

A Warm Welcome to ‘Christ Sets You Free.’ The official website of Pastor Michael Cummins, healing and deliverance minister.

What’s the purpose of this site? For those who seek help in being set free and made whole in Christ, this site aims to offer advice, teachings, Michael’s videos, and so on.

Revelation TV

Revelation TV

Healing and Deliverance events organised by Michael will also be advertised here. In the coming months, videos with deliverance prayers will be uploaded.

You can read more about this ministry in the About section, or watch Michael’s TV interviews on the YouTube links to be uploaded soon.  Other Suggested Links will also be added shortly. Since, 1996 Michael has been privileged to share in churches, on satellite tv and radio shows, and also to hold conferences in the UK. 

He can be contacted to prayerfully consider requests to preach or minister in your church or venue in the UK. Michael considers it a blessing to serve any way he can.

Since 2012, Michael has also been honoured to host his own live program with a phone-in on Revelation TV, ‘Voice In The Wilderness,’ on Thursday nights at midnight, until 2am Friday mornings.

It broadcasts on Revelation TV,  across Europe and beyond on Sky 581 ; Freesat 692 ; or Roku Box in USA. You can also watch it on  Thursdays at midnight, on the live web stream online – http://www.revelationtv.com/watch_now

Michael's program.

Michael’s program.

This site has just been launched and will be updated shortly.We pray you gain total freedom in Christ. All for His glory, honour and praise.

Many thanks indeed for visiting today! Hopefully you find it helpful and will return soon.

God bless you.

Jesus, Name above all names.

Jesus, Name above all names.

About Michael Cummins

Michael's honoured to host a live program on Revelation TV, ‘Voice In The Wilderness,’ Thursday nights at midnight, until 2am Friday mornings. Live web stream online - http://www.revelationtv.com/watch_now Michael's Blog : https://christsetsyoufree.wordpress.com/about/
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2 Responses to Welcome to ‘Christ Sets You Free.’

  1. Mary Theocharis says:

    Thank you pastor Michael for this wonderful website . As you know I have greatly benefited from deliverance at your church services but also your deliverance prayers while watching Voice in the Wilderness. I pray that your website will not only reach many Christians but also reach out and help all to understand how deliverance can and does really free and bring Gods light into souls and lives as it did for me. Thank you & God Bless your ministry.


    • Dear Mary, sorry for the delay in responding to you. I will tell Michael, that he has a message from you. I check his blog for him every now and then. Many thanks for getting in touch. God Bless you, Laura Maxwell.


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